In the corporate world, having to deal with a hostile or difficult work environment is inevitable. The longer we work with others,  the more apparent our differences become. The differences are not a bad thing but how we respond to them can be. Here are the 3 R’s to practice when dealing with a difficult work environment:


  1. Reflect upon your actions first.


When faced with conflict, it’s easy to play the blame game. “Why are they doing this to me? What did I do to them? Because of them, I can’t.” Sound familiar? Before seeking fault, look within yourself and see what you could possibly do to bring light to the situation. Often times, people resist change and the things (or people) they don’t understand— or can most associate with. We tend to have a lot in common with the people who irritate us the most. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s worth considering before pointing out the flaws of another person.


  1. Remember your WHY.


Think of all of your dreams, desires, and goals. Now think of your family and where you envision yourself being 5 years from now. What does that picture look like? Does your workplace align with that vision? If so, remember your WHY. Along with great reward comes great responsibility. The adversity is simply preparing you for the greatness ahead (the resilience you will need once you get there). This very moment is preparing you for something, don’t fight against it. Ironically, when you begin to see it from this lens– the issues with co-workers begin to disappear, simply because it’s not important. Every company has office politics; it’s our job to find the one that we can deal with while striving for our goals. If your job doesn’t align with your WHY, run quickly to find one that does. We all have one life to live– why waste time outside of purpose? The only person dictating your career is YOU. Take ownership of your title as CEO of your life– and do what you must to get where you should be.


  1. Rise Above


Remember, “Birds of a feather flock together; Eagles soar alone.” Even in the midst of injustice, we must push past our desire to be understood and heard– and rise above. Take the high road and using prayer and kindness as your weapon of choice. Is this hard to do? Absolutely. Is it still necessary? Absolutely. People are always watching and it’s often people you least expect. The ignorance, pettiness, and gossip within the workplace are not worth stepping out of character. Rise above it all.


When you’re faced with workplace annoyances; Reflect, Remember and Rise.


Do you have any additional tips for dealing with a difficult or hostile work environment?


Share your insight with us!




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