There are so many options when you look into branding. However, there are a few key tips you should know when you are ready to build your brand. Here are 5 to get you started:


1. The Buy-in: If you have no idea what you bring to the table or why what you have to offer is important, neither will anyone else. Before anyone ever buys into your brand they will have to buy into the creator first. So, how do you accomplish the scary task of being relatable to your target audience, you ask? It’s quite simple, you do the personal work necessary to have a clear understanding of who you are and what you represent because only then will your actions, words and brand be aligned to connect with true authenticity.


2. Create a standard: If you have no guidelines, no values or boundaries that make you unique, what is your niche? Furthermore, what do you stand for? In current day branding for a brand to thrive, it must have a personality and opinion. Based on your audience, develop the personality of your brand; create the poster child for “XYZ Brand”. Give her thoughts opinions, ideas and most of all give her freedom to grow and evolve over time.


3.Give More: It is easy to take from people that need or desire what you offer. However, if you pour out into the people that support your brand, they will not only return they will be loyal. They will feel appreciated and share their praise of your brand with others… word of mouth is still the best advertisement.


4: Understand the difference between a brand and branding: A brand is like sitting in the car and cranking it up. Branding is cranking it up and going across country. Then once you reach that destination jumping on a plane to another country with a new car for another journey. There is a big difference and your audience can peep it from a mile away if you are tap dancing with an idea or if you are committed.


5. Be Committed: Do not look for the easy way out, nurture your brand as you would a child. Honestly, it is a child. Seek quality services that will showcase all you have to offer, have integrity and be consistent. If you are committed, the return on everything you do will be greater, not because of the product or service, but because of the overall presentation of your brand.


Until next time… Brand On!

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