There is a place called the content graveyard.  Literally, it is where your hard work and efforts placed in your latest content goes to die.  We know what you are thinking.  You have social media followers, retweeters and likers surely there is no way your content is falling on deaf eyes and ears, right? Wrong!

Social media sharing and all the other great things that it rolling into each day is great.  However, you must not depend solely on the fact you created killer content to keep your efforts out of the “toe tag” pile.


” Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and do the work”



So how can you revive your content and make its life span longer?  We are glad you asked, check out 3 useful tactics that will help you showcase your work time after time.

   1. Influencer Relationships

Let’s just say you have a knack for efficiently and effectively creating the best hacks the world has ever seen.  No seriously, you are just that dope!  However, you notice that your videos and social boards alike aren’t really doing you justice.  What do you do? Well, that is twice in a row you asked we are on a roll.  You reach out to experts, gurus, content mavens and asked them their insight on hacks that have worked for them.  Once you get there feedback, you have a usable quote to include in your next masterpiece.  Be sure to tag them in your post and ask them to please share it with their network.

2. Cause Connection

There is so much noise in the digital space, people often need a little something that reminds them that human connection never gets old.  So, when you are developing your content to make sure it is not all about buying this, do that, pay this or go here.  Tell a story, share something that has impacted your brand, community or even you.  People often feel like they should remove all “personal from “business”, but what they forget is sometimes they meet right in the middle or even overlap.  Brands that do more than talk, have more than sells. They have loyalist.

3. Reuse Direction

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is a saying that has long been a double edge sword.  Somethings, well they should just be changed and others not so much. Like not wearing clothes outside of your house should never change, but if you if you want to which of what you wear we are totally here for it!  Okay, so the reuse of content direction is simply put identifying what worked with the content you created and doing that thing once again. If a certain piece of content just make your feed light up with interactions, questions or dare we say made someone take action then it is a keeper. Take the same methodology and apply it to new content.


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